When advertising your business online, there are various methods and techniques that you can use. You might have tried a few of them, but you might not have tried IP targeting just yet. IP targeting involves targeting your advertisements toward specific IP addresses. This allows you to actually target individual households if that is what you want to do. Listed below are a variety of reasons why this type of marketing might be ideal when you're advertising your business online.

1. There are No Cookies Required

You might have heard a lot about cookies and how they are used to market businesses to people. What you might also know is that cookies can be blocked. With IP targeting, you do not have to worry about the use of cookies. Plus, your customers can't block you from IP targeting like they can with cookies, so there is an increased chance that your message will actually make it to the audience that you are hoping to market to.

2. You Can Target Your Audience Very Specifically

The best thing about IP targeting is that it allows you to target your audience very specifically. You probably do not want to waste time and resources marketing to people who will not be interested in your business. Since you can choose exact addresses to target with IP targeting, however, you can be very specific about the type of audience that you would like to display your advertisements to. This can help you greatly improve your conversion rates and prevent you from wasting time and money.

3. You'll Be Marketing to the Same Potential Customers Over and Over Again

One of the great things about IP targeting is that it allows you to market to the same households over and over again. If you send something in the mail to these potential customers, there is a chance that the piece of mail will be looked at one time and then thrown away. Your business might never have a chance. If you use IP targeting, however, you can keep displaying your advertisements to the same households time and time again.

This can help you make sure that they are seeing your advertising and can give you the chance to make your company's names and products or services more recognizable to these potential customers over time. This helps increase your chances of actually hearing from the people who you are marketing your business to.