Whether you're struggling to fill the stands or you want to build on the buzz surrounding your team, promotional giveaways offer a great way to attract spectators to your sports venue. Here are some ideas you can use to get people excited for game time.

Team T-Shirts

Team t-shirts help to boost the morale of your players, particularly if your fans decide to put them on over their clothing at the games. Consider shirts with your team logo on the front, and put player names and numbers on the back. You can choose one player to highlight for each game you give these shirts away, or you can offer several different shirts at the game for a bit of variety. If you host family or children's events at games throughout the season, be sure to have at least one giveaway featuring youth-sized shirts, made by a company such as AD-MARK Promotional Products.

Clear Team Tote Bags

Some stadiums have begun to put restrictions on the types of bags that are allowed inside of sporting venues for security reasons, and clear bags that can be quickly viewed by security are encouraged by some teams. Consider giving away clear bags, which can be printed with your team name and logo. Mesh bags are also an option for this idea. Host this giveaway toward the beginning of the season so fans who attend several games throughout the year can bring the bags back to the venue with their personal items tucked inside.

Team Cold Weather Accessories

Cold weather accessories, such as hats and scarves, can come in handy for a variety of sporting events. Early spring baseball games can be chilly, and football games in outdoor stadiums can be downright cold. Give your fans a way to stay warm while enjoying the game by hosting a giveaway night with cold weather accessories. Have your team logo embroidered on these items, or consider having custom throw blankets made depicting your team mascot. For younger fans, consider earmuffs or sweatshirts in youth sizes to keep your little fans cozy and comfortable during the game.

Use any or all of these ideas for your team's giveaways, and post the schedule of free items on your website. Fans can choose which games they want to attend based on the promotional products you are handing out on each day. Be sure to post the number of items you'll be giving away, and partner with your legal team to put the correct wording on your team website so people who arrive late aren't upset that they missed out on a great giveaway.