Owning your own online business can often have profitable results, particularly with the right marketing tactics. That is not to say that you can set up your business and reap the rewards the very next day. It takes hard work and effort to attract and retain online buyers. Fortunately, understanding how consumers think and the best ways to attract buyers can help solidify your success.

Don't Make It All about the Product

Although it is important to provide a product that your customers will love and need, you should also make sure you are providing great value and customer service. When it comes to brand loyalty, only 28% of consumers stick with certain brands and companies. However, 73% of consumers prefer price and value whereas another 89% prefer to receive great service in order to feel good about a product.

Based on consumer preferences, one of the best ways to attract customers is to offer your products at a great price. Therefore, you should open with a sale that lets new incoming customers know that you appreciate their business. Opening your business with a sale allows customers to obtain your product for a great price so they can try it out and pass the word along to their friends and families.

You should also make sure you have a great customer service team in place. Whether you opt for chat based or telephone based customer service, ensure that you follow up on the quality of service provided to your customers. Considering that the majority of consumers are attracted to good service, you want to make sure your customers are receiving the best service possible.

Offer Plenty of Security

Ensure that the website for your store uses SSL certificates and https protocol, both of which digitally protect organization and customer details to prevent identity theft and other fraudulent activity. While it would seem that online shopping is a no-brainer because of its convenience, 73% of consumers are afraid that they will become the victims of identity theft.

Make sure your website displays logos to authentic the security you have in place. Having logos provides visual confirmation to your consumers that your online store is a safe place to browse and make purchases. The point is to make your consumers feel as comfortable and secure as possible. If you claim that your website is secure, you want to back up that claim with proof that your customers can verify.

Provide Useful Shopper Incentives

While it would seem that online shopping would be the preferred method for consumers to make purchases, that is not the case. Approximately 40% of consumers prefer to make their purchases inside brick and mortar buildings whereas only 27% shop online. Reasons why consumers prefer physical stores include:

  • No delivery charges
  • Ability to immediately obtain product after purchase
  • Ability to try product before purchasing

Fortunately, there are ways to make your online business more attractive for new customers who are looking for the above incentives.

One way to attract customers is to provide them with free standard shipping on orders totaling at or above a certain amount. By doing this, customers can avoid having to pay delivery fees. Make sure you provide more than one shipping method to add to customer convenience. For instance, offer your customers the chance to pick 2-day or even overnight shipping so they can receive their product faster.

Although customers do not have the ability to try your product or test it before they make a purchase, you can offer a money back guarantee as an incentive for online purchases. If a customer reports that they are unhappy with your product, ensure that you have initiatives in place that will give the customer his or her money back in exchange if they return the product to your store.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many ways you can attract customers to your new online store. The best way to gain new customers is to work with a marketing specialist to find buyers online. A marketing specialist can ensure that your website is attractive. A specialist can also help you create content and product descriptions that are more likely to capture the attention of your consumers.