If you have recently signed up to display your company's products at a trade show, you may have decided to use a truss booth to show off and market your offerings. If so, use the following tips to maximize the space so you can catch the eyes of passersby to increase your chances of turning them into customers.

Use Bright, Eye-Catching Colors For Your Banners

Because your booth will be surrounded by many others, you should create and use a banner that stands out from the rest. One way to do this is to use bright, eye-catching colors.

For example, if your company's logo uses a black and white or grey color scheme, the dull, subdued colors could get lost in the sea of advertisements. However, if you redesign it and use bright yellow behind the black, you would be one step closer to attracting attention.

However, you may want to do more than changing the background color. You could use the subtle messages that colors give the unconscious mind to your advantage.

For example, if you use the yellow background, this conveys a warm, friendly message. When paired with blue lettering, you can also invoke feelings of trust and dependability. 

Decorate The Booth With Decorations That Match Your Products

Once you have your main banner placed on the top truss of your booth, it is time to decorate the aluminum poles that make up the structure. When selecting your decorations, choose ones that match the theme of your product line.

For example, if your products are meant for use in a consumer's kitchen, you could use whimsical Christmas tree lights that are in the shapes of different foods. For instance, if your kitchen appliance provides someone with an easier way to make homemade salsa, you could alternate the light covers with tomatoes and jalapenos peppers.

Or, if your product is a new video game, you could print out the main characters on sheets of cardboard and cut them out. Then, you could paste or tape them along the corners of the booth.

The size of your characters would depend on the width of the structure's frame. To cover the frame and draw more attention, have the characters extend about an inch past it. Bend the edges slightly to further hide the aluminum beneath, as well as create a slight three-dimensional effect.

Create A Center Display Of Your Most Attractive Item

When the time comes to display your products, choose the one item you feel will attract the most attention. Ask yourself if the product has some new, innovative feature that would pique the curiosity of people walking by. Or, you may be featuring a new invention you would like to show off.

Once you have selected the main product for your selling point, use it to create a center display. Not only should it be centered inside the truss booth, but it should also be positioned slightly away from your other products so it stands out in front.

Lay down an attractive, colorful cloth that coordinates with the colors used in your banner, as described in the first section. Then, take the product out of its box and set it either on top of the packaging or directly in front of it. If there are any accessories that accompany the product, lay them in front so they can be easily seen.

Using the above tips to create a smooth flowing display could increase your sales at the next trade show. If you would like more ideas, you may want to speak with the representative from whom you purchased or rented your truss booth to discuss further marketing tactics, as well as find out any options available for expanding your exhibit.