A dental website can help you obtain new clients for your practice. But if you lack the right ideas for your site, it may backfire on you instead. The right dental website requires more than just a list of services to grab your patients' attention and business. For you to achieve success online, you need to drive traffic to your website by designing it in a way that keeps clients interested in what you can do for them. Here are three effective ways to do so.

Create a Killer About Us Page

Clients who visit your dental office for routine and emergency care may come to know and respect you as a dentist who cares about their welfare and health. You want to achieve those same qualities online by creating a killer "About Us" page.

A traditional "About Us" page tells your prospective clients who you are and what you do in your field. If you want to develop a stronger relationship with new clients, you can give them a little more background about your services, instead of just your personal bio. Rather than focus mainly on your education in dentistry or personal pursuits, focus on your clients' needs.

For instance, if you offer the latest techniques in gum disease care, tell your clients about them. You can mention when, why and how you use the techniques. Sometimes, dental patients don't tell their dentists about particular problems they have because they don't think they can fix them. Let clients know that you can help them. You can also achieve this goal through your blog.

Add Current and Relevant Trends to Your Dental Blog

Most people want to know about the latest dental trends, especially if they pertain to them specifically. For example, millions of dental clients use ZocDoc to find or make appointments because it saves them time. You can use this trend as a main topic when you talk about the benefits of scheduling appointments online with your office in your blog. Additionally, you can mention things like these below as compelling and relevant reasons to do so:

  • Your clients don't have to wait for the next available dental receptionist to assist them.
  • Your clients can make appointments day or night – which works out well for busy professionals and stay-at-home parents.
  • Your clients can go over your services and treatments before scheduling visits. This helps them choose services they may need outside of the traditional treatments you offer.

You may choose to use outside resources like the one above as a secondary method to help your clients make appointments at your office. You may also choose to sign up with the resources and place links in your blog or your website's articles to them.

Introduce New Dental Content Weekly or Biweekly

Articles, such as detailed explanations about your treatments with images and videos, can be very effective ways to increase traffic to your website. You should strive to keep your article content fresh, informative and readable every week or so. If you hire a web content provider to do these things, you may reach a broader audience of new clients faster. Content providers understand the importance of placing strong and unique articles on the web.

In addition, make sure to incorporate the best benefits of your treatments in your articles. Clients who understand how teeth whitening works, or how restorative dental treatments fix tooth decay problems, may come to you when they need these services. You shouldn't be afraid to add DIY content on your site as well. It shows your clients that you want to help them in every way you can.

If utilized correctly and effectively, your dental website may increase your office's revenue, patient caseloads and standing online and off. If you want to take your dental office to the next level, consult with a dentistry website provider, such as http://www.progressivedentalmarketing.com, for assistance.